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Customized Community-Based Supports

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VARC, Inc. prides itself on "customization". VARC, Inc. provides specialized individual services that allow clients a more individualized approach to services. Some of the services we have provided included specialized homes for individuals transitioning from an institutional placement to the community, specialized behavior plans that allow individuals to participate in programs and learn over a period of time, the skills needed in order to be successful. We have provided home based community awareness services that assist individuals in learning how to live independently while participating in vocational experiences such as volunteering. VARC, Inc. created a small-group day service program to allow individuals that are aging to experience a more relaxed, less stimulated environment that has more of a leisure and recreation focus. Community-based Skills Enrichment services have also been implemented in certain divisions of VARC, Inc.

VARC, Inc. performs in-home assessments where appropriate and recommends appropriate services. A team of professionals may meet with clients interested in VARC, Inc. services and discuss possible directions to focus on as well as goals for that individual and which appropriate programming options based on their needs and preferences.

VARC, Inc. has created individual specific behavior plans that have been established to assist clients in learning to be independent. Fade-back plans can also be implemented to give clients the opportunity to learn coping skills and appropriate replacement behaviors that enable them to participate more independently in services. Clients may receive one-on-one training and skill-building assistance to aid them in learning appropriate interactions with peers, communication skills, and independent participation.

VARC, Inc. Customized Community-Based Support
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